Continuous quality controls are being made by our highly experienced stuff to ensure a consistent high quality and full customer satisfaction.
Strict quality and service control is conducted at every stage of production including purchase of wheat, storage processing and wide distribution .
Main path to success by means of quality control can be summarized as follows:
Firstly, the blend of wheat used in milling process has been considered. Several types’ wheat is analyzed by the experts according to Qurershi Flour Mills’ rigid standards prior to purchasing decision. Only wheat types, confirming our high standards, are put into our blend.
Secondly, wheat blend used in flour production is always rich.
Thirdly, consistency in flour quality for all shipments.
Finally, know-how accumulated throughout years enable QFM to produce high quality wheat flour.
QFM has a strict quality policy and the management of QFM ensures that each batch is randomly checked and verified in all respects before dispatch to the client. It is this policy and adherence to standard that has enabled QFM to capture most five star hotels, restaurants and corporate clients domestically & internationally as well.
Over the years, we have developed our In-house comprehensive quality program & operational control system – Quality Management System (QMS) based on ISO Standards. Focused on continous process improvement. We also have invested heavily in latest tooling technology.